Q: How can I confirm my booking to attend a wedding?

A: Please feel free to either email your information or call our office and one of our representatives can get you booked. Our contact information is here.

Q: What information do you need to confirm my booking?

A: We will need the following information for each guest travelling:
Full name as appears on passport
date of birth
phone number
email address
credit card number, expiry date and the name as it appears on the card

Q: Can i use airports, air miles or redeem any type of points?

A: Generally you cannot with group bookings. Some points systems allow you to book and then get rebated. It's best to check with your points provider to find out what is possible

Q: Can two guests share a room if they're traveling from different Cities, or if one guest is a resort only booking?

A: Yes, as long as the duration of stay at the resort is the same for both guests this is possible.


Once Booked:

Q: Can I add a guest into my room even though the deposit due date has passed?

A: Yes, absolutely. As long as the groups final payment date has not passed we can requested add on rates for new guest(s)

Q: Can I make progress payments toward my trip?

A: Not at the moment, currently group bookings are processed in two transactions. Your deposit to start with and then the final payment. This may change in the future so watch this space.



Q: When are the flight times released?

A: Flight times are generally released 320 days (approximately) and are confirmed shortly after the groups final payment has been processed at around 60 days prior to travel. 

Q: I have submitted my information to book but my deposit has not been charged yet?

A: To confirm, we process the groups deposits on the same day. Around 10:30am PST on the morning of the deposit due date

Q: My Deposit or Final Payment has been processed but I haven't received confirmation or a receipt yet, when can i expect to see this?

A: We work hard to get receipts sent out quickly, there are sometimes delays with getting the full groups payments processed. You can usually expect to see your receipt via email within 48 hours of the payment date.

Q: Can Pose Travel book other types of travel or do you just book Destination Wedding Group Travel?

A: Although we specialize in group bookings we are a full service Travel Agency and can help with your non group vacation bookings. If you're looking for assistance with sub specialty's such as cruises we can either help you directly or refer you to a trusted partner. Our contact information is here