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Posted January 28, 2015

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With the release of the Pose Destination Wedding Guide approaching quickly we thought that releasing one of the articles in advance would be a good idea. 

So without pretty picutres and formatting here is the Grooms Guide to a Perfect Destination Wedding.


The Groom’s Guide to a perfect wedding.

Without doubt a wedding is usually the domain of the Bride. However Grooms there are many things you can do to help the process and ensure a smooth event from start to finish.

The good news is that Destination Weddings are typically a little easier to plan / manage as a lot of the work is done by the onsite Resort Wedding Coordinator(s).

Here’s some tips for the Groom to be to survive, thrive and be a gentleman:

1. Before getting started get a list of everything that will need doing, and I mean everything! Although the Bride may choose to handle a lot of it. It’s a good idea to allocate tasks to both the Bride and Groom to be. For example being in charge of the iPod and playlists for the days events or choosing the food for the cocktail party.

2. Clothing, it’s a good idea to get your grooms and groomsmen outfits well in advance of the wedding. Being that a lot of Destination Weddings happen during the North American Winter stores typically won’t carry beach formal wear immediately before your wedding so the best recommendation would be to shop during Spring and Summer when the clothing is in season.

3. Bachelor Party. Traditionally is the responsibility of the best man. A lot of couples are choosing to do their stag / stagette on their Destination Wedding trip. Why not be proactive and help him out with some out of Resort excursion ideas. Such as Golfing or a fishing trip. The Resort Concierges are great at assisting with these type of bookings and if you book early you will likely get a discounted rate.

4. Write your vows well and truly in advance. I know it’s probably something that you’re tempted to procrastinate on, but completing it early is a great idea, Why not set a goal date to have them ready by and if you meet that celebrate with a few drinks with your Groomsmen.

5. Don’t forget to buy the wedding bands. Order these at least 4-6 months before your wedding to avoid any last minute stress. On the day of your wedding your best man’s responsibility will be looking after both of these.

6.  Be a Romeo. Why not treat your lady to a spa day a day after your wedding. She deserves a break more than anyone after the Wedding Day and the standard of spas available at Resorts is usually astounding!

7. Keep your nose out of where it’s not wanted! The term bridezilla doesn’t come out of nowhere. In the unlikely event you get the urge to offer advice on her dress, the bridesmaid dresses, flowers or the cake. Don’t. It may end very badly, understand that this event only happens once and she is only acting like most brides do.  

8. Buy her a bridal gift. Don’t get caught empty handed when she buys you something. Jewellery or something that she can wear on your wedding day is something that will be sure to impress and leave a lasting memory. If in doubt ask her bridesmaids or your Mother in law to be.

9. Have some fun. But not too much fun the morning of. Nothing is tackier than getting hammered before your wedding. Keep your alcohol consumption in check. You want your first day of wedded bliss to get off on the right foot.

10. Your first dance. I’m sure there are guys out there who do have some swagger on the dance floor. If you’re anything like the majority however you may want to chose a simple routine and do some practice. Chances are this will be filmed either professionally or by at least a guest or two. Why not rock it by putting in some prep work.

Stay tuned for more updates on the release of the guide...Coming Fall 2014

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This months blog is dedicated to the Experts featured in our Destination Wedding Guide! 

We're very grateful for the contribution of photography from Matt Kennedy, Gonzalo Nunez, Kay Photos and Palace Resorts. 

Here's a brief summary of who you can expect to see more of once the Guide arrives (Expected Nov 2013). As well as practical how to advice on how to plan every element of your destination wedding.


WestJet Vacations: The majority of our wedding groups travel with WestJet so it makes sense having them as the featured / exclusive tour operator in the guide. Here's more on why we book with WestJet Vacations Group so often Click Here 

AM Resorts: Again a huge amount of our wedding groups chose to stay at Dreams, Now and Secrets Brands of Resorts. Known for extremely high standards and consistency in all areas we Love AM Resorts!

Blue Bay Grand Esmeralda: Home of the exclusive Strike a Blue Pose Wedding Package More Here. The blue Bay is known for it's modern style and great value

Blue Diamond: An phonemail Resort and the perfect Honeymoon venue!

Kleinfeld: Best known for the hit show "Say Yes to the Dress" We excited to have a featured article by Kleinfelf Fashion Director Terry Hall

Tie The Knot Hair Design: Amy Holland, Owner and Stylist has provided an amazing article on hair tips for a destination wedding Bride

Gonzalo Nunez Photography: Thanks so much to Gonzalo for his photo contribution and also his article on Underwater Trash The Dress. It's incredible! more here

Shimmer + Gloss: Thanks to Melanie Feeny who shares some tips on Make up and looking your best on your special day!

Kay Photos: Check out Kay Photo's advertisement and also her amazing photos featured in "Crystal & Jon's Blue Bay Dream Wedding"

Limelight Studios: Having used Limelight Studios for our own wedding it's impossible not to recommend them to any of our groups! Thanks Tim & Melanie. Check them out at


And last but certainly not least a MASSIVE Thanks to Matt Kennedy for his huge contribution to the publication, so many of Matt's photos have been used throughout the magazine. Learn more about Matt here


If you're planning a destination wedding in 2014, 2015 or beyond the above specialists are a tremendous resource of information and skill, check them out!